Chaining Choreos

So far we've talked about creating your own Choreos from scratch, but what if you want to reuse one of the thousands that we've built? This tutorial shows you how.

Note: we're assuming that you've done our getting started tutorial, and that you've followed up with either the JSON or XML parsing tutorial. This short tutorial builds on those.

Let's Chain Some Choreos

1Open the Google Direction Choreo that you built previously, the one that loops over the JSON or XML response and assigns it to a variable called Instructions.

2You can use the "No More Items" connector on the Iterate Step to exit the loop and continue to any other step. For this example, we'll continue to the Launch Choreo Step, and demonstrate how to call a "child" choreo in the Library. Drag the Launch Step onto the canvas, and connect the Iterate Step to it by using the Iterate Step's "No More Items" connector. In the Launch Step's property editor, specify /Library/Gmail/SendEmail as the Choreo you want to use. Next, configure the step with the required inputs, and specify the Instructions variable as the email MessageBody. You can see an example of how this should look in the screenshot below.

The Launch Choreo step, complete with Gmail details

3That's it - easy. If you switch to Test mode and try out the Choreo you should receive an email containing the directions from your origin to your destination. If you extended the XML parsing tutorial then your finished Choreo should look like this:

The completed Google Directions Choreo that emails instructions to the user

Now that you've learned how to chain Choreos, you can integrate any of the 2000+ Choreos in our Library when you're building your own Choreos. There's no need to redo work that we've already done so feel free to reuse as many as you like.

Need Help?

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