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Build, grow, and extend your products for the Internet of Things with less friction and more flexibility.

Put the IoT to work for you

Water management

Track and respond to water levels and usage across a range of industrial and agricultural platforms.

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Production line monitor

Improve efficiency and safety in factories with real-time data and relevant, actionable alerts.

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Smarter cities

Optimize energy usage and lower costs using devices and sensors for smarter, greener buildings.

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Why wait? Innovate.

Temboo's software stack provides pre-built processes that handle common aspects of IoT applications – monitoring, data logging, notifications, remote control, and more. Temboo generates tailored production-ready code for you automatically that, along with our top notch documentation and fast-responding support team, empowers you to develop cutting edge applications.

More devices? Go ahead.

You're thinking big, and we are too. Our pre-shipped libraries for multiple hardware development platforms let you easily add more devices running your application even when using different chipsets from different companies. Even better, Temboo’s support for various M2M messaging protocols enables multi-device applications to run in whatever configuration you need.

And reprogram whenever too.

No need to worry about updating all those hard-to-access devices running your applications. Temboo lets you offload as much of your application to our cloud as you choose, so you can reprogram your devices easily from our website. Create your application to be flexible and future-proof from the start.

Everything you need for IoT

Millions of devices

Temboo software libraries are pre-shipped and integrated into hardware development platforms from Texas Instruments, Samsung, and Arduino.

Control your data

With data streaming integrations into leading cloud storage services, Temboo lets you choose and change where your sensor data is sent.


Program multiple devices to communicate with each other and the internet with support for messaging protocols MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP.

Optimized for IoT

Temboo’s virtualized code makes devices smarter and more flexible.

100+ APIs & 10+ SDKs

Over 2000 pre-built API processes and more than 10 SDKs for many programming languages.

The secure stack

TLS encryption, capability sandboxing, modular architecture, and more.

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