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Stand Taller with Easier Access to Hard Technologies

Web-based controls enable you to remotely interact with connected lights, motors or other actuators.
"Temboo makes it incredibly easy for developers to connect sensors to the cloud."
The Cloud Drive team at Amazon reached out to Temboo to have their API in our Library at launch "to get you up and running fast."
Generated code takes into account the desired architecture, chipset, sensors, actuators, and other details for developers' needs.
"Temboo is one of those rare developer tools which could quickly become invaluable to app builders."
Multiple application architectures and device configurations.
Updated graphs of sensor data are available for every device and sensor.
Temboo "Users can now stream data directly into Power BI where it can be visualized and monitored in real-time."

Make an Impact at the Intersection of
Hardware, Software, and Human Aspiration

Generate production-ready code in a few clicks.

Connecting sensors, actuators, devices, data, and APIs together into unique applications is simple using Temboo's code generation technology.

Control and update your applications remotely.

Making hardware as flexible and easy to update as software means applications can improve and stay relevant long after installation.

Enhance your business while improving the world.

The Internet of Things lets businesses run more efficiently with better data as it helps them reduce waste and resource consumption.