Temboo's library is an indispensable tool in my courses

Golan Levin, Associate Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

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"For my part, it's made for a sustainable teaching effort, as I can focus my attention on improving content rather than having to re-develop examples and notes every time there is an API update somewhere!"

William Mongan

Associate Teaching Professor of Computer Science

Drexel University

"Temboo was something that I knew about for a while, but I was afraid that it was going to be just too hard. Well, it was very easy to get going and I was so proud that I set up most of the code myself!"

Natasha Dzurny

Master's Student in Interactive Telecommunications

New York University

"A powerful way to allow for student data collection outside the constraints of classroom hours."

Paul Schonfeld

STEM Educator

Marshall School (Duluth, MN)

"Temboo is a very welcomed discovery. After trying a few APIs,
I soon found it is exactly what I need."

Kuny Laurin

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Collège Boréal

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