"Temboo is an indispensable tool in my courses. The code is out of this world, the level of documentation spectacular."
Golan Levin
Professor & Director of Studio for Creative Inquiry
"Temboo was something that I knew about for a while, but I was afraid that it was going to be just too hard. Well, it was very easy to get going and I was so proud that I set up most of the code myself!"
Natasha Dzurny
MS, Interactive Telecommunications
"For my part, it's made for a sustainable teaching effort, as I can focus my attention on improving content rather than having to re-develop examples and notes every time there is an API update somewhere!"
William Mongan
Professor of Computer Science
"Working with Temboo has been effortless and significantly improved the speed of development of my research."
Alyssa Zhou
Electrical Engineering Ph.D.
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The Education Plan gives you access to the Temboo toolkit so you can connect your projects to web services and APIs, whether you're building a robot or collecting data from sensors for research. Just pair affordable off-the-shelf hardware with Temboo's generated code to get your beehives, bacterial cultures, or art projects texting, tweeting, or logging data in no time.
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