Work at Temboo
We build tools that empower people to access
hard technologies and digitally transform their organizations.
The Potential
From factories and clean energy to farming and lab research, Temboo is transforming industries and enabling people to build things they didn't think they could. We're a small team seizing big opportunities.
The Product
Temboo is a code-generating software toolkit that enables all types of people to work with IoT, APIs, and emerging tech. Temboo exists to empower people and organizations to use technology to conserve natural resources, time, physical assets, and more. See it in action.
The People
We're a team of peers who value how we spend our days and want to make a positive impact. Our environment fosters creativity and collaboration, and our diverse backgrounds mean that you'll always have interesting conversations at lunch.
Every day is another opportunity to learn – not only through the things I work on, but from being around a smart team.
- Claire, Engineer
We're designing a product that helps people build solutions that have the potential to address crucial global challenges.
- Matt, Outreach
Temboo is
located in the
heart of Tribeca,
in New York City.
What we do
It's challenging.
  • We focus on solving meaningful problems so our customers can be as productive as possible.
    We're taking on challenges like designing empathetic interfaces that appeal to a diverse engineering audience, auto-generating code that reads like it was written by the best programmer you know, and architecting our platform to scale as billions of connected physical objects connect to the internet.
It's creative.
  • Life at Temboo involves working with a diverse range of technologies.
    From proven languages and frameworks, to the latest in embedded operating systems and highly scalable data storage systems, so continuous learning comes as standard.
It's rewarding.
  • Working here is not just about building a product, it's about enabling others to build creative and innovative ideas.
    People with a range of technological backgrounds and expertise around the world use Temboo to run factories with less waste, to gain immediate insights with data, and to build better physical and digital systems by combining all available technologies.
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New York, NY
New York, NY
Nice to meet you. We're talented. We're fun. We're kind.



Song writing

Rock & roll from the '60s and '70s

The Catskills



Walking in faraway places

Fleetwood Mac






Brown Ajah

Backseat Sailor



Human + machine languages

Enthusiastic aspiring stoic


Cognitive scaffolding

Personal mythology

Cheese, please

Moon viewing

Just this.



is always already

performing digital art

theorizing about livejournal

opening signals for race and feminism




A Tribe Called Quest to Zappa

1985 - 1990 era Super Mario Bros

CS PHD / Y-Combinator alum



Linguistic relativity

Kinesthesis as mindfulness

Synergy and transcendence

Volition, the fifth fundamental force of the universe


Product Outreach

Voracious consumer of media

Travels, eats, bikes

Takes pictures of things, especially street art


Office Management

was born asleep

sole party trick involves rotating a limb or two around

ardent red rising fan

has contingency plan for when the zombies attack



Drake theorist

Bike mom

Enthusiastic about diasporic disco

Makes zines about minutia

Avoids ouija boards

(Can I say "ACAB"?)


Product Outreach

Solo wanderer

All things fermented

Photographer, storyteller, and general art maker

Aspiring rock climber


Product Outreach

Hardware guy

Archer (bows and arrows, but the show is great too)

Taco enthusiast


Product Outreach

former classicist

aspirational ambidexterity

hold the pickles




Creative communities
and disruptive networks

Empathy and play

Exploring, deconstructing,
and creating

Both Marguerites:
Duras and Yourcenar

Swiss chocolate

Building the future of work (Freelancers Union board member)

Lessons learned: "Alone I go faster. Together we go further."
(African proverb)



Co-founder of Temboo

Economist and trader

Loves crème chantilly

Not French, Corsican please – but now it's Tribeca forever

Piano and drums

A son who's an aspiring film maker

Seneca and Bayesian algorithms

Programming the Cloud and Choreos, of course!



Co-founder of Arduino
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