Emailing with your TI CC3220 is easy

Here we'll show you how to send an email via Gmail from your TI CC3220. Imagine all of the notes you can have it send - reminders, alerts, sweet nothings, etc.

This code uses our Google > Gmail > SendEmail Choreo.

Get Set Up

1Make sure you have a Temboo account. If you don't already have one, you can register for free.

2You'll need a free Texas Instruments account to use their online IDE, CCS Cloud. You can sign up here.

3If you haven't already done so, prepare your board for making secure connections by following our Setting up CC3220 for SSL tutorial.

4We recommend creating a new Gmail account for sending email programmatically—you can do that here. After you've created your new account, you can skip to step 11.

If you'd like to use an existing Gmail account, you'll need to enable 2-Step Verification and generate an App Password for Temboo. Steps 5 - 11 show you how to do that.

5Sign in to your Google Account settings page by clicking on your name or picture in the upper right corner of the screen and then clicking Account.

6Scroll down to the "Signing in" box.

7Click 2-Step Verification. This will bring you to the 2-Step Verification settings page.

8You will then see a step-by-step guide which will guide you through the setup process.

9After you've enabled 2-Step Verification, you'll be prompted to create an App Password.

10In the Select app dropdown menu, choose "Other", and give this app a name (e.g., TembooApp).

11Click "Generate". You'll be given a 16-digit passcode that can be used to access your Google Account from Temboo.

Note: If you wish to authenticate with OAuth credentials, you should use the Google > Gmailv2 Choreos.

Auto-Generate your CC3220 Code

12Go to the Google > Gmail > SendEmail Choreo in our Library.

13Select "Texas Instruments" from the drop down menu, then choose your board. Make sure that you've added details about how your CC3220 is connected to the internet.

Selecting the Texas Instruments CC3220

14Fill in the required Choreo inputs, then click Generate Code to test out the Choreo from our website and confirm that you can send an email to yourself.

Example inputs for the Gmail Send Email Choreo

Testing the SendEmail Choreo from our website

15When you've confirmed that the Choreo runs successfully, scroll down to the CODE section. Click the "Send to CCS Cloud" button to the right of your generated code. Name your application and click Send. Click the link that appears to visit the CCS Cloud IDE in your browser.

Sending code from Temboo to CCS Cloud

Run The Code

16Plug your CC3220 board into your computer via USB. Select its USB connection in CCS Cloud via the Target > Connect COM port... menu.

17Now, run the code on your CC3220 from CCS Cloud.

Running your code on your CC3220 board from CCS Cloud

18 If you sent the email to yourself, you'll be able to see a new message in your inbox. You've got mail!

What's Next?

Now that your CC3220 is sending emails, why not check out the other 2000+ Choreos in our Library and start thinking about all the possibilities for your next CC3220 project.

Need Help?

We're always happy to help. Just email us at support@temboo.com, and we'll answer your questions.