It's simply superb how Temboo makes it so easy to implement IoT in any organization.
– Hashim Kahily, Plant Engineer
Monginis Foods
A powerful way to quickly connect your hardware to the Internet of Things.
– Adrian Fernandez, MCU Manager
Texas Instruments

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with Kosmos?

Sign up for a free account, and you’ll get the opportunity to try out Kosmos for free. If you don’t have compatible hardware (see our list), we can send you an Industrial IoT Starter Kit at no cost to you. You can return it at the end of your trial if you’re not ready to upgrade to a paid Kosmos plan to avoid any charges.

How much data storage is included with Kosmos?

Data storage is unlimited while you have an active account.

What hardware works with Kosmos?

Our comprehensive Kosmos guide has our ever-growing list of hardware compatible with Kosmos. We’re also happy to answer any questions about supported devices.

How do I use Temboo for accessing APIs?

You should use our API Toolkit product instead of Kosmos. You can sign up for it here.

What can be monitored & measured with Kosmos?

All types of products, processes, and facilities can be connected to Kosmos. This is accomplished with sensors that measure temperature, humidity, voltage, current, pressure, vibration, moisture, and more. In addition, 4-20 mA sensors and sensor data are accessible via Modbus and other industrial protocols.

How does billing work?

In most cases your subscription will be billed annually on the date that your Temboo account is upgraded to a paid account. You can read more in our billing terms.

I am interested in reselling your services or using them for my clients. How can I partner with Temboo?

We can partner with you to develop new client services. Please contact us to learn about special pricing options and discounts for resellers.

I want to use Temboo in the classroom or for my non-profit.

If you’re a registered non-profit entity, please contact us to learn more about special pricing and discounts. If you're using Temboo at an academic institution, see our Education page.

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