Why are manufacturers using Temboo?

Reduce Costs
Automated monitoring of machine processes, facilities, and physical assets can minimize wasted materials, alert operators to potential problems, and reduce time spent on visual inspections.
Discover Data
Historical time-stamped data logs from temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, and other sensors are useful for safety and compliance inspections and for learning how to operate more efficiently.
Operational Insights
Know more even when not physically present. Combine new data with existing knowledge and records to generate powerful new insights into your operation.
Implement Yourself
Implement custom solutions. Roll out improvements without needing to replace current systems, reducing risk.

How Temboo customers are modernizing
their manufacturing operations.

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The Steps to Success

We've helped our customers implement Temboo to upgrade their manufacturing processes
with sensor alert systems, data monitoring dashboards, remote control, and more.

How do I
get started?

  • Start small
    Start with a small but real, concrete problem that exists at your business. Think about a machine, a material, or storage facility that it would be helpful to have more data about.
  • Find an engineer
    Find a technically-competent person (someone who has a good understanding of your processes) to try out Temboo. Mechanical engineers, plant supervisors, instrumentation engineers, and others in technical roles have used Temboo with great success - you don't need to be a software engineer.
  • Try it out
    Sign up for a free 30-day Temboo trial.
  • Talk to us
    Set up a call with Temboo, and we will use our experience and expertise to help you start and plan your project.

Turn any PLC into a smart device with Temboo

Connect PLCs online
Temboo’s machine-generated code will securely connect your existing PLCs to the Internet with no need to purchase new equipment, so that you can view their operations remotely.
Visualize PLC Data
With Temboo's generated code on your PLCs, you can have your PLC generating diagnostic data and sensor data graphs that you can see in your web browser and on your mobile device.
Get Alerts from PLCs
You can upgrade your existing PLCs with Temboo to send SMS, email, and other types of alerts when diagnostics and sensor readings hit certain thresholds or according to other conditions you've set.

Why manufacturers are choosing Temboo

It’s simply superb how Temboo makes it so easy to implement IoT in any organization.
Hashim Kahily, Plant Engineer
Monginis Foods
I have been very pleased with how Temboo performs.
John Purcell, Avionics Supervisor
Skysmart Aviation
A powerful way to quickly connect your hardware to the Internet of Things.
Adrian Fernandez, MCU Manager
Texas Instruments
It works perfectly!
Varna Vallone, Electrical Engineer
Global Garden Products
Temboo's powerful development tools do much of the hard work. You basically set the parameters, and the actual development code is written for you automatically.
Curtis Sasaki, VP Ecosystems, IoT GM
Samsung Electronics
Temboo makes it incredibly easy for developers to connect sensors to the cloud.
Janakiram MSV, Technology Analyst
Forbes Magazine

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