Add IoT to any Chipset

By integrating with Temboo, chipmakers make their hardware more powerful and flexible, enabling their customers to build cutting-edge IoT applications.

    Benefits of Shipping Temboo

  • Build applications more efficiently and get to market more quickly using your hardware.
  • Scale and grow applications with less effort thanks to our enterprise-grade backend and auto-generated code that ensures different devices, APIs, and other technologies work together seamlessly .
  • Reprogram applications post-deployment without touching local code base by making updates in the cloud.
  • Avoid locking into a service or design architecture choice early on. Keep your product alive as you learn more about your application and what its users need.
  • Outstanding and timely support for any customers using Temboo on integrated hardware.
  • Focus on what you’re good at—Temboo enables developers to get the most value out of working with your chips.

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The Temboo Client

  • Temboo offers lightweight SDKs, libraries, and agents for programming any component. Typical footprint:
    • 0.7K – 11.5K Flash
    • 0.1K - 1K RAM
  • C and C++ libraries optimized for MCUs and SoCs
  • Python, Java, Node.js, and other libraries optimized for gateways and other devices
  • M2M gateway libraries for MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP

Suited to Any Architecture or Topology

Temboo is designed to be flexible and work with any architecture or hardware topology. Our libraries can reside on the MCU, Linux installation, or IDE. Temboo also supports single or multiple devices connecting to our cloud directly or via a gateway.

    How It Works

  • Get in touch to see how Temboo can superpower your chips.
  • Temboo will design a special library to be pre-installed on the MCU or Linux side of the hardware as appropriate.
  • Temboo software is also bundled into standard builds of the preferred IDEs for your hardware.
  • Temboo will enable instant account creation from your site to ensure developers have a seamless getting started experience and targeted lifecycle messaging.
  • Temboo will collaborate with your company to support coordinated sales and marketing campaigns at launch and on an ongoing basis.
  • Temboo's product integration license/fee is determined based on hardware specs and product integration details.

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