Code the Internet of Everything

Get more power and flexibility on any IoT topology with
Temboo's code virtualization technology and software stack.

Run the Internet of Things at Scale

Mesh networks with multiple combinations of MCUs, gateways, and devices can be programmed and updated in bulk with our REST API and run reliably at any scale with our enterprise class backend.

Build on a platform uniquely suited for connected hardware

Code Virtualization

Trigger complex processes in the cloud from a device with only a few lines of code, generated by Temboo.

Data Filtering

Minimize memory usage by filtering responses from cloud processes on the server side.

Cloud Reprogramming

Control and change local application behavior instantly without pushing updates to your devices.

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A Complete Software Stack for IoT

Temboo offers lightweight SDKs, libraries, and small-footprint agents for programming every component


  • C SDK / Library
  • Java Embedded
  • (coming soon)

SoCs / Gateways

  • Python Agent with MCU
  • Java Agent with MCU
  • Python SDK
  • Java SDK

Mobile Apps

  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Javascript SDK

Loaded with the Power of Temboo

Texas Instruments

TI bundles a Temboo library in its Energia IDE to make their LaunchPad series of MCU boards Temboo-ready.


A Temboo Agent comes pre-loaded on all Yún and Tre boards, and a Temboo library is bundled into the Arduino IDE, making all Arduino boards Temboo-ready.


Every Samsung ARTIK ships with a Temboo library that, in conjunction with our website, lets you quickly generate code for your IoT applications.

Temboo Supports Many Ways To Connect Your Devices

Bluetooth LE