Do you want to help businesses and organizations reduce waste and gain new efficiencies and insights with the latest Internet of Things technologies? We do, and we’re looking for a talented Technical Sales Manager / Customer Champion to join us.

At Temboo, we build software tools and applications that people are using to fundamentally change the world around us. Temboo is empowering people to build an amazingly diverse range of physical computing systems at the intersection of hardware, software and human aspiration, and we want you to help us as we grow and scale Temboo. A few highlights:

  • Temboo software comes pre-shipped in hardware development platforms for millions of devices from companies like Texas Instruments, Samsung, Arduino, and more to come.
  • Our customers have implemented a wide range of IoT applications across different industries, from wearables-based medical research and aviation component maintenance, to industrial baked goods manufacturing, and even octopus farming!
  • Temboo integrates with over 100 internal and external APIs and cloud services, and we work closely with API providers such as Amazon and Microsoft to make their APIs more accessible.
  • Engineers, plant managers, and others who manage physical assets like facilities, equipment, and labs have upskilled themselves with Temboo, using our tools to build their own Internet-connected sensor and hardware applications for their jobs and in the process learning IoT development skills without going through formal training or education.
  • Temboo has been adopted as a teaching tool by over 150 universities worldwide, in courses ranging from traditional CS and engineering to digital art and urban data mining, and is a New York State approved provider of IoT instruction for professional licensed engineers.

As a member of the Product Outreach team, you’ll be managing all steps of the sales process, helping businesses implement Temboo and driving revenue growth.

Our team is smart, committed, and fun. We’re dedicated to defining innovative, elegant solutions to brand new challenges. Help us re-imagine programming for everyone, from mechanical engineers and research scientists, to city designers and farmers.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Strategizing and managing inbound and outbound sales processes; growing revenue from enterprise sales
  • Helping customers and prospects understand and implement Temboo; working closely with Engineering and Product teams to address customer questions and requirements
  • Developing, structuring, and managing the entire enterprise sale pipeline
  • Building and growing partnerships and relationships that drive enterprise sales with hardware and software providers, distributors, and relevant industry organizations
  • Selling into new industry segments and securing reference enterprise customers in those segments

What We're Looking For In You

  • Relevant work experience in a sales and/or procurement role, preferably at a SaaS, semiconductor, or industrial company
  • Experience with and knowledge of B2B enterprise sales processes involving technology; ability to understand and translate customer needs and explain technical information
  • Self-motivated team player with innovative ideas who can test and implement them skillfully
  • Strong interpersonal skills and experience building strong relationships
  • Diplomacy, tact, and grace under pressure when working through customer issues
  • Bonus points for: startup experience, experience with programmable hardware like Arduino, a good sense of humor
104 Franklin St. New York, NY 10013

Does this sound like you? If so, drop us a line and let us know why you want to work at Temboo. We're looking for people who have interests outside of work as well (please mention some of these when you apply).

Check out a live demo to see Temboo in action. Join us in re-imagining programming.

How To Apply

Email us at, including your resume and a note about yourself (please use "Technical Sales Manager / Customer Champion" in the subject line).