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Samsung ships Temboo software on their new ARTIK platform, a series of chipset modules designed for IoT. “Bringing Temboo’s technology stack to the ARTIK platform is an important part of our effort to provide developers all the tools they need to design and build a wide range of IoT devices and applications,” says Curtis Sasaki, Vice President of Ecosystem, Samsung Electronics.
With Temboo software bundled into the Energia IDE for programming TI LaunchPad microntrollers, "the Temboo integration is a powerful way to quickly connect your hardware to the Internet of Things," says Adrian Fernandez, Microcontroller Customer Experience Manager.
The Cloud Drive team at Amazon reached out to Temboo to have their API in our Library at launch "to get you up and running fast," says Peter Heinrich, Amazon Developer Evangelist. Temboo Choreos are included in the API's developer documentation.
Power BI has partnered with Temboo to make it easy to monitor and visualize your real-time sensor data. "Users can now stream data directly into Power BI where it can be visualized and monitored in real-time, and analyzed using rich visual and natural language exploration capabilities," says James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Data Experiences.
Arduino has chosen Temboo as a key element in their technology stack for programming their hardware for IoT applications, integrating Temboo into the latest builds of their IDE and embedding a Temboo agent into their newest boards at the manufacturing stage.
Digi International worked with Temboo to program their Xbee gateway and development boards to create a connected water tank monitoring system that sends out automated alerts, schedules maintenance appointments, and enables remote control functions through any phone's keypad.
EAT’s IT department wanted a better way to cope with their disparate data, including warehouse supply levels, store locations, employee schedules, sales patterns, and even weather reports. “We needed something with intelligence built into it. Temboo gave more feedback, and did something with that feedback.”
In their research on Lysosomal Storage Diseases, the Perlstein Lab uses Temboo to program connected hardware that tracks the condition of their incubators. “Temboo gives us a way to monitor the conditions in the incubators. It also notifies us when something is broken.”

The future of rapid application development as a service

Lew Tucker, CTO, Cisco Cloud

And more hardware companies, IoT innovators,
universities, and APIs are doing the same

"Temboo is one of those rare developer tools which could quickly become invaluable to app builders. Temboo’s cloud is doing the complex interactions executing the actual code. In a way, Temboo allows the cloud to exist inside of small boards."
"This is a profound shift in the way of thinking about development. Temboo has a cool visual interface and a method of generating this type of organic programming. A microprocessor can perform more complicated tasks without getting weighed down with code."

"Temboo makes it incredibly easy for developers to connect sensors to the cloud. As IoT development goes mainstream, Temboo has the potential to become the default middleware for cloud APIs."

"Programming hardware typically requires advanced skills, and microcontrollers can be especially tricky to code. But by employing Temboo's virtualized code, developers can program the device easily and quickly."

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