Choreos in Action

These examples can help you get inspired by offering a taste of what Temboo makes possible.
All the relevant code is posted on our GitHub account for you to peruse and use.

Martha's your answer

Meet Martha, our trusty helper bot. You can ask her anything!

Martha uses a wide range of Choreos to answer queries and can be controlled via voice and SMS. Read more about her here.

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Get on Facebook

Implementing Facebook Login is often the first step towards building the next great app. Facebook uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization, and working with OAuth can be a real pain.

But fear not! Our OAuth Choreos make it a breeze to generate access tokens for you and your users. This example shows our Facebook Choreos in action, they'll log you in and display your most recent public likes.

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Connect using Facebook

Log in to the Temboo app.

A generic Facebook app for demo purposes only. Default permissions required.

I want my internet TV

Sometimes the simplest Choreos can be the most powerful.

This example shows how a few lines of code can give your app access to the wonderful world of YouTube. And remember, you don't even have to write the code yourself. You can generate Temboo SDK code in the language of your choice directly from the Library.

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