Temboo makes everyone stand taller with better access to digital resources

Private API Access
Get a customized version of Temboo that unifies and standardizes all your company's private APIs in one place with documentation, enabling everyone (not just IT) to access company data and technology resources.
Interoperability & IoT
Temboo standardizes all your private APIs and auto-generates code blocks for using them in any programming language or technology platform, included embedded processors for the Internet of Things.
A Digital Workforce
Technical employees develop and iterate faster with Temboo-generated code blocks. Non-technical employees access data resources via Temboo, developing better ideas and requirements for IT projects.
Inspire Innovation
Everyone at the company extends their technological reach and abilities, no matter where they're starting from, with Temboo's common interface for technical and non-technical employees.

Increase Productivity by Empowering Innovation

When you empower more of your workforce to be users of your private
APIs you enable them to create value for themselves and their company,
inspiring innovation from the ground up.
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) are the secret sauce for digital platform innovation and enhancement. An API can give your best users the chance to better customize and personalize your platform to their needs. APIs and SDKs give users the permission and the power to create value for themselves.

How Temboo Enables Digital Transformation

Everyone can discover internal APIs
Your private APIs are the gateways to your company's digital resources and data. With Temboo, all of them can be found in one place, easily discoverable and consistently documented.
Anyone can understand, test, and use internal APIs
Even without any prior programming knowledge, any employee can access API resources and functionality without having to involve IT. Enabling non-technical employees to interact with APIs means that they are no longer a black box and catalyzes innovation.
Everyone at the company can innovate more easily
Interacting with APIs via Temboo enables non-technical employees to design better processes and communicate with IT better about applications and requirements. Any type of developer can use Temboo's standardized, computer-generated code blocks to quickly build applications with private APIs across multiple technologies, including IoT.

All Types of Roles Gain Value from Temboo

Temboo's powerful development tools do much of the hard work. You basically set the parameters, and the actual development code is written for you automatically.
Curtis Sasaki, VP Ecosystems, IoT GM
Samsung Electronics
Working with Temboo has been effortless and significantly improved the speed of development of my research.
Alyssa Zhou, Ph.D. Candidate
UC Berkeley
10 min left at work, I thought no way can I get my 1st @temboo app running on Arduino. 10 min later Gmail was sending temp change notifications!
Erik Nauman, Educational Technologist
Hewitt School
The future of rapid application development as a service.
Lew Tucker, CTO
Cisco Cloud
It’s simply superb how Temboo makes it so easy to implement IoT in any organization.
Hashim Kahily, Plant Engineer
Monginis Foods
Temboo gets you up and running fast.
Peter Heinrich, Developer Evangelist
A powerful way to quickly connect your hardware to the Internet of Things.
Adrian Fernandez, MCU Manager
Texas Instruments

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