What’s Your Favorite Way to Temboo?

Chances are you don’t use every single one of the 2000+ Choreos we have in our Library. In fact, you may have never even looked at many of them—you probably want to build an app that is multifunctional, but not one that is that multifunctional. We, meanwhile, are always looking to expand our Library with useful APIs, but without making it ponderously large in the process—the number of Choreos we support doesn’t matter if you can’t find the one that you are looking for.

Enter our new Favorites feature, which you can find at the top of our Library tree when you are logged into your Temboo account. It does, more or less, what you’d think it would—you can select Choreos, bundles, or even whole APIs as favorites by clicking the star that appears next to their names on their respective pages, and have these and only these appear in the Library tree when you turn on Favorites mode. It’s an easy way to navigate the Library and put the Choreos you want to run right in front of you. Try it out, and tell us what you think at hey@temboo.com!