Tracking Your Social Media Heartbeat

Have you checked your social media pulse recently? Yeli Arenyeka, a student at New York University, decided to make this possible by building an app that helps people visualize their relationships with social media. Called Life in Digital, it presents users with a snapshot of their social media usage in the form of an electrocardiogram readout.

Screenshot of Life in Digital

“Our time on social media is measured in moments, not successive hours. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how much time I spent on Facebook today,” she said. “Being on our phones and using social media networking sites has become so entrenched in our minds that we do not know when and how much we’re doing it.”

Life in Digital uses Temboo’s Processing SDK and Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr Choreos to gather information on an individual’s social media usage, and then displays that information in intervals of a specified length of time. The data points appear as heartbeats on an electrocardiograph, allowing users to see how often and how heavily they engage with social media. You can find the code for the app on Github, and see more of Yeli’s work on her website and on Twitter.