The Wonderful Wizard of OAuth

Version (numero 1.71) of Temboo is being released today and includes the fruit of our creative (and bug-stomping) endeavors: we’re debuting OAuth wizards (an awesome new feature), and Yahoo joins our Choreo Library.

OAuth wizards
These wizards are a part of our Credential tool and specifically serve APIs that use OAuth for authentication. They offer step-by-step guidance to obtain OAuth values, simplifying and streamlining the often time-consuming and technically difficult process of getting credentials and putting them to work in your code.

OAuth wizard in action

Credentials, as you might recall, are a convenient way to handle third-party access — they store sensitive data so it can be easily utilized by your code, yet live separately from it (no more embedding passwords!).

We’re beginning to roll out OAuth wizards for selected APIs, with more on the way. In this round: Dropbox Choreos and from the Google family: Calendar, Contacts, Latitude, Picasa.

Yahoo joins our Choreo Library
We’re welcoming the Yahoo bundle to our Choreo Library, supporting the Weather, PlaceFinder, and Finance APIs. Start thinking of all you can do with locational weather info, the capacity of converting street names into geographical coordinates, and financial market news.

We hope you’ll use these new additions to augment your app-building superpowers. And, we’d love to hear your feedback — after all, we make these for you.