The Urban IoT

Connor McKay is imagining the Internet of Things on a sprawling scale. A public policy student at Northeastern University, Connor became interested in data and how it shapes life in urban centers, and decided to dive into the topic by designing an urban sensor project at the intersection of some of his courses. He wanted to work with what he describes as “a new class of sensor-based technology that allows cities to track the urban ecosystem in near real-time. This gives an unprecedented level of information to policy makers and citizens alike, which makes urban environments more livable and participatory.”

He modeled his project off of a few early-phase urban sensor networks, like Chicago’s Array of Things and Smart Citizen in Barcelona. Data is being collected from temperature, humidity, light, and ambient noise sensors attached to an Arduino board and positioned both indoors and outdoors. With Temboo’s Google > Spreadsheets > AppendRow Choreo, Connor logs that data in a Google Spreadsheet, and then proceeds to analyze his sample in RStudio. The sensor network will only continue to grow, so stay tuned!