The Summer of 1.69

If it’s hot in here, it’s definitely because our sizzling new release just dropped. Version numero 1.69 is all about providing more powerful ways for you to make the apps you want, how you want. With this round, we seriously expanded your Temboo toolkit. Here’s how:

Our Java SDK just got some company: PHP & Python
You asked for more languages, and we listened: You can now run Choreos in Python and PHP with our new SDKs. We also sprinkled more documentation love on the Java SDK (which, FYI, is Android-friendly). And, we’re just getting started! We’ve got SDKs for more languages in the works.
New APIs in the Choreo Library
We added more APIs to our Library, including bitly, LinkedIn, Google Directions and Google Place (to name but a few). Our Choreo documentation shows you how to run them all in Java, Python, and PHP.
Code examples on GitHub
Want to see specific ways to harness API power? Check out the nuts and bolts in action on GitHub, where we’ve pushed practical examples of apps, tools, and workflows made with the Temboo SDK. You can use our extended code samples in your own code.
Interested (or, better yet, intrigued ;))? Head over to our site and give these new features a whirl.
And, if you like what you’ve seen so far on Temboo, spread the word! (If you don’t, please, please let us know.) The highest compliment you can pay us is a word-of-mouth referral.
Happy making!