Temboo’s First Hackathon

Walking home late at night in unfamiliar territory and worried about staying safe? There’s an app for that–brought to you by the winning team at hack’n jill.


On June 15-16 fifty men and fifty women hacked it out at the offices of appnexus. That gender ratio was no accident–hack’n jill’s organizers wanted to “create an environment where both genders feel welcome to build cool things together.” As one of the event’s partners, we had an awesome time meeting the teams there and seeing what they came up with.

The winners (Marc Howard, Missy Kayko, Angel Martinez, Miriam Melnick, and Julia Teitelbaum) built StreetSmart: Don’t Get Mugged, an app that uses crime data to guide you on the safest path to your destination.  A trip to Shake Shack on the first night helped bond the team and got their ideas rolling, and since this was the first hackathon for all but one of them, they “just wanted to have a good time and learn from the experience.“ That turned out to be a winning attitude.

So how did they build their app? Well, using Temboo helped. Miriam explains: ”We used Temboo for Google Maps integration and for Geocoding.“ They also envisioned using Temboo for more advanced features, ”including Google Walking Directions and possibly Foursquare Venue data and/or Patch FindStoriesByCoordinates.“ Even before their win, the team was planning ways to build out the app in the future, such as indicating the lighting quality on streets, identifying individual “safe spot” locations, expanding the safety-scoring algorithm, and taking into account traffic. Very cool.
Congratulations to all the teams, and thanks again to everyone involved in making hack’n jill a success. And we’re very excited to be doing it again this weekend at the Reinvent Green Hackathon in downtown Brooklyn. Come find us if you happen to be there!
The winners hard at work.
Missy, Angel, Julia, Miriam, and Marc.