Temboo on the Pitch

Earlier this year, Temboo partnered with Nexmo to find the best application that used one of the Temboo Library’s Nexmo Choreos.  The contest’s results are in, and from a pool of very interesting and creative submissions, John Grant’s Teamalert stood out as the one most deserving of the prize.  John recently took some time to tell us about his app and why he decided to create it.


A communications worker from Edinburgh, Scotland, John decided to combine two of his hobbies—programming and rugby—by creating Teamalert.  His goal, as he puts it, was “to try and ease the pain of managing a sports team.”  The task of organizing the “fairly small” group of seventy registered players in his club was so complicated and involved that he decided to find an easier way to track the availability of and commitments from each of his teammates.  John chose to use Temboo and Nexmo to automate the contact process, which up until that point had tended to involve hundreds of phone calls and texts every week.

The app allows players to register online with their phone numbers, and then allows the team manager to see the list of registered players and decide whom to call.  Thanks to Temboo’s Nexmo CaptureTextToSpeechPrompt Choreo, the manager can enter a custom message with information about the match time and place, and prompt players to use the keypad to respond.  The Choreo collects the keypad responses and logs them on the website, allowing the manager to easily identify who will be available on the given day and to select the team accordingly.

Teamalert is a simple solution to a headache-inducing problem, and according to John, it’s only going to get better: he’s working on streamlining a number of team management processes with the app, and is planning to add more Temboo Choreos to his program to do things like collect club subscriptions from players.  You can follow his team, Lismore RFC, here, and if you’re in Edinburgh and looking to play some rugby, sign up.  John says they’re always happy to welcome new players!