Wearable Water Tracking

WaterLogg App

Jason Salas appreciates the convenience of wearables. A dedicated Google Glass developer (he’s even written a book on the topic), he decided that he wanted to make tracking his health with his Fitbit as fluid as possible. To him, this meant eliminating any step that required a manual input—he didn’t want to stop his activity to punch the volume of water he had just consumed into his phone. Jason solved his problem by building an application for Google Glass that allows him to log his fluid intake vocally. The app uses Glass’s voice dictation functionality to collect what Jason says, and then passes that input value to Fitbit with Temboo’s Fitbit Choreos. And he didn’t stop there—once he had Glass working, Jason developed an Android Wear app to do the same thing from a different platform. You can find Jason’s code and description of his apps on GitHub.