Quote of the Day

We just received a nice compliment from one of our friends in the academic community, and we wanted to share:

“Temboo provides frictionless access to more than a hundred API’s, from more than a dozen popular programming languages. That alone makes it a valuable tool for professional service developers and data scientists. But the mind-boggling fact that they provide clearly documented example code for every API call, in every programming language—and that they do this for educationally-oriented arts-engineering toolkits like Processing and Arduino—shows that they also respect, at a deep level, the needs of new-media artists, designers, makers, and students. Like a Swiss Army knife, Temboo’s library is an indispensable tool in my computational arts and design courses, whether I’m teaching introductory programming, cultural computing, or information visualization.”

Golan Levin

Associate Professor of Computation Arts

Director, Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Carnegie Mellon University

If you’re also a student or educator and are thinking about using Temboo in your classroom, take a look at our Education page or drop us a note at education@temboo.com. We’ll help get you going with our free high-usage Educations plans and other useful resources.