Parse, 37signals & GovTrack — Check Out These APIs in Temboo’s Library!

More Choreos & more APIs. As our Library gets bigger and bigger, we hope to spark some ideas on where to start Temboo-ing. So we’re going to start highlighting regularly some of the great stuff we’ve built for our users–a little taste of Temboo’s breadth & depth and (we hope) inspiration for your next killer app.

Backend, schmackend. Parse simplifies all that behind the scenes work for your mobile app with its cloud services. Sending push notifications, signing up new users, and creating objects are even easier with our Choreos taking care of the work. Now you can focus on making your app sing and dance (or whatever you like).
29 Choreos. Keyword: Developer.

Everyone likes to gripe about Congress, and GovTrack (just added last week) has all the information to help back up (or perhaps counter) your complaints. Find out what votes your representative has been skipping out on and check on the status of that four-day work week legislation you’ve been rooting for. Lots of historical data here too (back to the founding of the USA!). With the presidential election underway and new government initiatives to release more data, we’re putting a lot of focus on adding more civic APIs.
5 Choreos. Keyword: Civic.

Collaboration always sounds like a great idea, but it’s often a lot harder to achieve effectively and without stepping on your co-worker’s toes. Enter 37signals. Their web-based systems Basecamp and Highrise allow your team to manage projects and handle your CRM needs with an easy-to-use interface. These Choreos can automate updating your tasks, entering contacts, and more. Unfortunately, they can’t do all your work for you (not yet).
39 Choreos. Keywords: CRM, Productivity.