New today: Credentials, Ruby SDK, and Choreo Library additions

Our new release (version numero 1.70) includes some significant new additions to Temboo: Ruby brigade, we welcome your language to our SDK family, and Credentials join the Temboo toolkit. We think these seriously powerful tools will help you code waaay smarter.

In a bit more detail:

Credentials — the sun behind the cloud
This we know: handling authentication can be a joyless task. Our Credential tool allows you to securely store and manage passwords, keys, and tokens. Credentials live separately from your code (no more embedding passwords or OAuth tokens in your apps) so you can update API authentication without updating your code. Give them a try from our Library. And come mid-July, our OAuth Helpers will help simplify that specific authentication process — you’ll be hearing more on that then.
The Temboo SDK, now in Ruby!  
Ruby joins our SDK family of Java, PHP, and Python. Running Choreos with the new SDK is simple — our examples, walkthrough, and documentation will get you started. We’re pleased, but won’t rest: still more languages are on their way.
New Civic and Green APIs in the Choreo Library
We added helpful Choreos for a host of NYTimes APIs (Campaign Finance, Event Listings, Times Newswire, Article Search, and Movie Reviews). And, we wrote Choreos for Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Explorer, and environmentally-focused Genability, Brighter Planet, and EnviroFacts APIs. To run Choreos for these new APIs (or any of the 70+ APIs we support), visit our Library.
We look forward to hearing your feedback as you put these new features to work! We build tools that enable you to code smarter, simpler and more powerfully because we want you to focus on the innovation, not the perspiration, of app-making. If we’re helping you do that, please spread the word — there isn’t a higher compliment you could pay us.