Meet Our New Release!

Here’s to sunshine, spring, and a new release from us at Temboo. What’s in it for you? Application keys that help you manage choreo access, easier troubleshooting, and a new batch of choreos for Amazon Marketplace. We also did a little spring-cleaning on the back end (‘tis the season!) as we gear up for all the big things coming up next—look out for PHP and Python SDKs, new APIs to join our library, and a way to manage all your API authentication info this summer!

We’re also starting to post some usable code samples to get you started. Let us know what you think, send us your questions, or just say hi. We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s the lowdown on what this new release (version 1.68 in case you’re keeping track) means for you:

Application Keys Help Manage Your Choreos

When logged in, you’ll notice that your “My Account” page now includes a section for creating and managing “application keys”. When you’re building an app using the Temboo SDK, you can generate unique application keys to grant it access to Temboo functions and APIs. You can also export log files and use application keys to track the behavior of a particular app. And application keys can be revoked at any time to disable a specific app or function as needed. Very handy.

Trouble-Free Troubleshooting

If you’re trying out a choreo on the web and something goes wrong, you’ll see a message about the problem directly in the Run Mode panel.  Also, you’ll notice that your exported log files now include detailed error information for any choreos that didn’t succeed.

Accelerating Speed to Market

Amazon Marketplace is an incredibly powerful tool for online retailers, but its API can be daunting. So we’ve built choreos that let you perform common actions with just a single command.  Check them out, and stay tuned—we’ll be posting soon about all the cool stuff these choreos can do for you.