Khan Academy, Dwolla & Freebase — More from Temboo

We’re coming off of a big week after presenting at October’s New York Tech Meetup. Plus we just added the ability to call Choreos using cURL requests as well as a new member to our SDK family–node.js. But all that doesn’t mean we don’t have more APIs to share with you so you can get started making the next big thing.

Khan Academy
For some of us, school was just too short. Khan Academy to the rescue! Part of our newly launched education category, this API gives you access to over 3,300 educational videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history with hundreds of exercises to practice your skills. Get smarter.
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From the unlikely location of Des Moines, Iowa, comes the online and mobile payments system provider Dwolla. Send money to friends or buy that new gadget that’s caught your eye all while avoiding those pesky credit card fees. Whether checking accounts, handling payments, or finding nearby businesses that use Dwolla, our Choreos got you covered.
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Osmotic collaborative knowledge you desire? Then Freebase should light your fire. This huge collection of structured data constructed from a wide of sources by an online community is a global resource for accessing common information more effectively. Our Choreos can put the data sets you need right into your hands.
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