Foursquare, Little Sis, & Patch — Dive Right In!

Oh, Sandy! She might have turned off the lights at our Tribeca office for a week, but she couldn’t stop Temboo. Now here’s another taste of APIs from our ever-growing Library.

Don’t worry about your mayorships and badges. Our wide range of Choreos for this API will make you a Foursquare master without having to check in all over town. The bright minds behind the API have even referenced us on their developer site.
43 Choreos. Keyword: Location.

Little Sis
“Profiling the powers that be.” That’s Little Sis’s motto, and they’ve created an amazing resource that shows the whole world and web of connections among the movers and shakers in business and government. Explore all sorts of links through donations, marriages, and lobbying efforts that may be influencing decisions that affect everyone. Very relevant and eye-opening as we close in on the election this November.
4 Choreos. Keyword: Civic.

Find out what’s happening on your block–or someone else’s block across the country. This network of US local news and community sits allows developers to search and integrate its hyperlocal content into their applications. Plus, Patch includes articles and posts from more than 70,000 RSS feeds by bloggers, mainstream media outlets, and independent news sources.
7 Choreos. Keywords: Location, News.