Cool IoT Applications from Our Amazing Users

With Presidents’ Day coming up, you might be looking for something fun to do over the long weekend.  Why not try building your own version of one of these cool IoT applications?

The Internet of Things is extremely interesting, but can sometimes seem daunting for beginners. Matthew Hallberg comes to the rescue with his introductory tutorial on weather checking using an Arduino Yún.

People who say that it’s boring to watch grass grow must have never tried it with cacti and a time-lapse camera. Ghanashyam creates a super cool budget time-lapse camera just with a webcam, Temboo, and Dropbox.

First went the cable boxes, and now goes TV. But how do you get the weather without watching the weather channel? You could go the boring route and check a weather website… or you could create your own easy-to-make personal weather station with this tutorial.

Weather Station Circuit

There are many other tutorials and cool IoT applications out there as well, which you can check out on Instructables and Hackster. It’s really been overwhelming how creative our users are, and we’re working to make sure that you can be more creative than ever!