Amazon Marketplace Choreos

As many a seller knows, the Amazon Marketplace API can be an exacting beast. Our always-helpful Choreos do some super heavy lifting to tame this particular API.

Let’s say a seller wants to list a product. Here’s a visual of that fairly common desire from the Marketplace API documentation:

Which is to say: construct the listing in Amazon’s (persnickety) file format; upload the file; check in later to see if it’s been accepted, or (so very likely) rejected for a formatting error.

Our AddOrUpdateInventoryItems Choreo simplifies the process: just fill in the necessary inputs and run the Choreo (there’s an extra feature included that lets sellers check on and retrieve submission status).

That’s just one example. You’ll find a multitude of Choreos for the functions sellers need — like generating order reports, payment processing, and order fulfillment — in the Amazon Marketplace Choreo Library.